Why use rubber tyres? Zhejiang university professor two crack problem in one hundred

A laboratory of zhejiang university yuquan campus, a rubber reinforcing research study lasted for 17 years, finally has a new achievements -- "song - zheng" two-phase model theory. In September 2016, famous periodicals team was invited to write review articles in the journal of materials science progress. The theory, in the name of the name out of the Einstein's theory of viscosity, put an end to the previous theoretical model contradict each other, can not effectively guide the production situation, is expected to be a important impact on rubber material production.

The tires "necklace" and "grape"

Zhejiang university professor of polymer yi-hu song "song - zheng" two-phase model theory is one of the main members of the project group. His office has a transparent "plasticine", he said, it is necessary to build tire raw rubber. "Rubber polymer molecular weight is the biggest of all. If the rubber molecules as a molecular necklace, that millions of 'pearl' together to form a rubber molecules. Long molecular chain are intertwined, network formation necklace. The longer the necklace, elastic, the better."

Why the tire is black? Yi-hu song said, because it has a substance called carbon black. "It is a form of carbon element, the structure is like a punch in a bunch of grapes, and every grain 'grapes' is a diameter of about 20 nm carbon particles. To the naked eye can distinguish a grain of soot, is about 100 nm (0.1 microns)" bunches "."

In the development of tire industry for more than 100 years, carbon black was proved to be the best packing. A tire tread rubber, rubber accounted for about 50%, carbon black accounted for more than 40%. In more than 50 agents, under the action of both mutual fusion in the mixing process, after vulcanization becomes strong wear-resisting tire tread compound.

"Necklace" and the combination of the grape bunches, provides tires with strong mechanical properties. Group, another major members of professor zheng qiang said: "a lot of carbon black 'grape bunches to form a three-dimensional network structure, and rubber molecules' necklace' winding, meanwhile, the sulfide, between them has formed a fast knot, became a solution doesn't open the" mess ", what we call 'crosslinking. Will you take eggs cooked, protein denaturation happened."

At least five major theoretical schools in the world

Both high strength and good elasticity, it is a good tyres especially the basic requirement of heavy truck tires. The use of different occasions, and puts forward different requirements for tires.

"Especially on mining trucks, when tire run over the sharp stones, to ensure the tread is not pierced." Zheng qiang said, more than 10 years of research process, the team most interested in is "how do carbon black and rubber network interaction, filler carbon black is how to influence of viscoelasticity of rubber network.