Water soluble carbon black

Carbon black can be directly dissolved in the water? In general is insoluble in water, usually need to add specific fertilizer. Call this kind of carbon black water soluble carbon black. Water soluble carbon black is a relatively special carbon black pigment products, are the main differences with other carbon black can be good to dissolve in water.

Water soluble carbon black production process is similar with general carbon black production process:

Raw material is oil, carbon black is in the airtight reactor, the raw material (usually to anthracene oil or coal tar) through the device into the burning hot air or gas, after thermal oxidation and decomposition at high temperature, the generated carbon black product, its various performance can be controlled by flame quenching process etc. , and then use a specific filtration system the production of carbon black products from the smoke gas separation, made into finished products. After in the original production, the carbon black original aggregate for special processing, increase the number of water soluble carbon black particle surface active groups, increase its dispersion performance, produce excellent performance of water-soluble carbon black.

In the context of the market situation of recent years, the application scope of water soluble carbon black is more and more wide, in all areas involved in People's Daily life. With the maturing of porcelain-like coating technology, the dosage of the black mortar is becoming more and more big, black itself can bring high solemn and respectful feeling, in the match with high-grade imitation ceramic coatings, application in building external wall is continually being people chase after hold in both hands.